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As many of you may know, I'm actually pretty young. I'm a volunteer and not a staff member. I recently found work at my local Wendy's and then the proceeding week I was called for an over the phone interview by the library. In Alberta, the minimum wage is $9.95 per hour and that's what I'm being paid at Wendy's right now. The rate offered by the library was $11.44 per hour. I kindly told the library then I found other opportunities. Now, I bet you're wondering why I turned the offer down and how does this blog post relate to Mozilla but I'll talk about that later. I want to compare what experience and work I have already gained and will gain more when working with Wendy's versus working a the local library. In my opinion, the customer is always placed first and obviously at the library people leave and go, there's nobody there to greet you unless you have an issue. But, you come to Wendy's with one purpose and that's to purchase food. I keep thinking if the decision I made was right, I can't be sure that I made the right decision but all I would be doing at the library would be shelving books. At Wendy's, I gain more experience and insight with the outside world by seeing the different types of customers there are, preparing orders and cleaning. With all these things, I can use it at another job and possibly even at home. With the main job at the library;shelving books, I lack the reading out books. I would've done a bad job as well and I wouldn't have learned any life skills. Now, this all relates with me still being in school and taking the leadership class that is available. The actual name for the program is Human and Social Services and really, a lot of students when asked about why they don't take leadership, they ask "what's so good about it?" or "who needs it?". In my opinion, contributing to Mozilla is all about leadership and taking the torch!

Leadership, when you first think of it, they don't teach you life lessons but only teach you how to lead but I've now gotten to understand leadership in a different perspective. Leadership isn't just about how to lead but it's really about public speaking, taking risks, building community, volunteering, mentoring and working in groups on projects. And you're wondering why I think differently and why I may have a very different perspective.
With public speaking, you can speak loudly and freely at Wendy's but obviously there is no harassment permitted. At the library, it's obviously a quiet place and you have to keep it down. I'm somewhat a loud person at times. With taking risks, there isn't much risk involved at the library but at Wendy's, you face the risk or burning yourself, taking an incorrect order or even mishandling the change for somebody. How does this tie back to Mozilla? Well, I took the risk to facilitate the "What does Mozillian mean?" session at the summit. With the other key points in leadership, building community, mentoring and working in groups on projects. You need a strong community in order to mentor each other and to cooperate effectively on projects. This relates to Wendy's as I'm the new guy and I obviously am in training, with the library, I don't feel that I can express myself in a quiet environment and place. Also, if I was to be mentored (trained) to work in the library, it would have to be out of the visitors eye because you don't want to annoy the visitor. So, this is why I believe I made the right decision to choosing to work at Wendy's. Now, to tie this all back to Mozilla, we are a global community that mentors each other and we work on projects all the time! So this is why leadership exists in Mozilla even when you don't think there is any leadership.

Now, in the end, really - how does this tie all the way back to Mozilla? My key area of contribution to is SUMO (Support), and with the community that exists there, I'm happy but not extremely happy because I know it is possible for it to be better. I gained insight through SUMO about Firefox, was made more aware of Firefox for Android and am helping with Firefox OS questions. I gained experiencing in the browser field and the technology field and I was more aware of the tools Mozilla has and how it is better than other browsers! The most important thing is that SUMO has mentors and I am one too now, but when I got started, I was happy to be in a place where everybody was so welcoming and friendly. I can say that SUMO isn't as fun filled as it was but the excitement still exists. I know that SUMO can do better and I believe it has to do better in order for us to cooperate more and do more in a global community that is connected by a common cause.