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With Brendan resigning from Mozilla, like many others, I have mixed emotions. It's tough to have the past haunt and chase you but trying to keep strong at the same time is hard. As a volunteer moderating the Facebook page, it was evident that we had many users complaining and very little supporters. Now that Brendan has resigned, everybody has all of a sudden come out from a shadow. Unexpectedly to say at the least, is that we've got users telling us that we were no longer protecting Freedom of speech and that rights are taken away. Where have these people been hiding?

I guess it's okay to speak out about how we truly feel when somebody resigns over a controversial topic but not to speak out during the controversy? We should ALWAYS speak out. Freedom of Speech.


It's been a tough time for Mozilla, even more for Brendan Eich as he was promoted the the CEO position.

My thoughts as a volunteer on this issue of "actions speaking louder than words" and "diversity" is that we all make mistakes and we choose our own route in our life. We choose to pursue and take different routes in our lives so we can advance and do better for the world through our own beliefs. We are all different, we are all human and we will always make mistakes.

It is tough being a leader, it's not easy. When the past haunts you and the present is now a disaster you now have to improvise. The past may be an issue and will still be an issue for you before you really can't flee from what you have done. There are things that I've done that I'm ashamed of and it still bites me in the back eventually. With Brendan and his decision to donate to Proposition 8, I'm not going to say that I agree with his decision nor will I say I disagree with it since my beliefs are in a grey area and I don't want to stir up controversy for myself.

Taking the role of being means that we have to put everything aside and listen to everybody and take everything into account and I know Brendan has always done that. Putting users first and always thinking of everybody who makes a difference for Mozilla/ Even though I don't know Brendan personally, I know from a leadership point of view that the start for him will be a bumpy ride but it will get better but there is a line but when that line breaks, Mozilla breaks - therefore unforeseen action will have to be taken but let's hope that we don't reach that point.

Has contributing to Mozilla changed because Brendan has taken control so far? Nope. Has what I done for our users changed? Yes. And why? I work on SUMO and on social media. Questions and comments definitely come in because of what Brendan has done in the past. How have we been responding? We respond naturally to the issue and it's been an interesting read because I wanted to know more about this population.

We have been looking at Brendan from our own views and our beliefs that are influenced by the public. Most of the people in the world are raised up believing on the fact that marriage must be between one man + one women. I'm not here to say that's not true or anything but this is what most of us have been raised up upon. We are raised believing that we have to marry the opposite gender when we were young until we matured and developed that maybe that's not the road that we can want to take. We've always been teased about when we're going to be dating the person of the opposite gender and where they're going to be taken home to meet. While we're not explicitly taught in schools that marriage has to be between a guy and a girl it is somewhat implied through the literature that is read, books we read involve a guy having feelings or being in a relationship with a girl. We never read literature involving 2 same-sex individuals having feelings for each other. It just doesn't happen. Although we are living in a vast, vibrant and changing world, there are communities and people who have their own beliefs and takes on same-sex relationships. However, why are we hating on those that oppose same-sex marriage as to those who are for same-sex marriage? The hate and love between those 2 groups are unbalanced but why is that?

What I've seen so far because of something Brendan has done is impeccable but who can we blame? There are calls for Brendan to resign or to set forth an apology. However, is that necessary? What does an apology do? An apology these days have ran out and lost its meaning. We apologize when we don't even have to at times that it's become over exaggerated and over used for forgiveness but do we ever mean our sorry? Do we apologize just because we have to? Does it actually make us feel better? I feel that yes, maybe an apology from Brendan on his blog will be nice but won't we just go through the same backlash again? We will of course have to face the public's other sided view as always and as it always is, if we do what the people want and they don't like it, are we going to have to fight till they're happy when nobody really cares about the issue anymore? I've seen people moving to Chrome as they say or other browsers as they claim. However, inside every company there is always bound to be that person that is against something and for something that strikes up controversy. They're just at the lower level of the spectrum, they'll face the same dreaded pressure Brendan faced if their actions matched up with Brendan's and the comments would almost obviously be the same.

Like I said earlier, I'm not here to take a side on this topic but to think deeply as to why we act this way and what made us act this way. We have our reasons for what we've done and for how our brain works. While each and every person on this living planet may not be happy with their lives and do not cherish it, we should, and to its greatest extent. Best wishes!