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Most of you know that I'm a SUMO ( contributor. I know that Mozilla is all about being open and certainly open to feedback. However, why should I still bother? It seems that the past few times, I've started a thread in the contributors forum and got a basic response. The suggestions, the feedback provided, seemed to be received but I don't think it's gone anywhere. No actions were made or taken after me suggesting items, all I received was a response that obviously doesn't satisfy or rectify the present issue. It seems to occur often that when something breaks, the "suggestion" from X period of time ago is fixed. Why not, take the feedback into account, see what can be done and then possibly work on it, instead of having X break which then a fix needs to be pushed out which resolves it.
I know by now, that teams are pressured, that there are set goals for each quarter and that they need to reach that goal. There doesn't seem to be any time for volunteers anymore, it's all about Mozilla. Why is is so hard nowadays to get something done?
Sure, I'm young, my feedback doesn't matter, and that's alright ;-)

I'm happy that there have been occasions where I do  get awesome responses, but why do I still bother when the response I'm wanting is lacked?

I'll show some examples below:

The level of care seems to be gone. I know that Mozilla has its priorities, but what can a single person like me do?