Summit 2013!

As a Mozillian, attending the Mozilla Summit is a huge thing as I am going to meet people for the first time in real life. Sure, we chat over video and what not but it will be an exciting yet nervous experience. With about 1 week and a half to go, I have signed up to facilitate 2 supporting sessions, these sessions will be interesting as although I have addressed crowds of 10 or 20 before and did pretty well, I don't know how I will be addressing a large crowd. At this moment, I am starting to write a list of what I need for traveling, even though it's a 3 day trip, I do need my necessities. With the brownbags, e-mails that are received and with the chats in #mozsummit on IRC, I can really pumped up and excited to be at the summit. Although I wish I could be there longer, due to commitments to school, I really can't. I know that the summit will definitely be a blast!! There are many people I want to meet. People that I don't even know can always be my friend, who knows? We could always cooperate. With the sessions I'm facilitating, I am highly suggesting icebreakers to break the barriers between those that won't talk to each other. This will help them to get to know each other and know them better and eventually be friends. I have experienced this and I love it! I just love it! Although I am not doing behind the scenes for the summit, answering questions here and there and reading wiki's really just fill my day that Mozilla is able to provide such joy and entertainment to it's volunteers and staff. Keep on rocking the free web!

Where I'll be: Toronto

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    1. Andrew

      Post author

      I certainly did! It was great meeting the guys part of SUMO at Toronto! Hopefully we can have a SUMO Meetup and I can meet you :)

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