Attending the Mozilla Summit 2013!

I was very fortunate to be able to attend the Mozilla Summit in Toronto. I started contributing to Mozilla with live chat support on in 2011. I slowly left Mozilla when live chat support was gone. But with the growth of Mozilla I stayed and believed strongly in what Mozilla was trying to do and accomplish for the web and community. I am grateful to be able to attend the summit, meet peers that I have worked with, talked with and communicated with. At the same time, there are things that needed to be resolved and being able to talk in person to those to resolve those issues, tensions that we may have had with each other. It was great to step away from the computer and have a social life and to talk with others.

I arrived at about 2 PM Friday of the summit which is a bit late and I know that. Some things that I didn't get were some stickers that were available earlier, opening speeches, meeting other people and not getting a room key that was summit branded. I was glad to see that there were still welcome kits available, that I was still able to find the people I wanted to meet and that the karaoke was just spectacular and fun to watch.

I facilitated a session called "What does Mozillian mean?". I was late for that session due to check in wait times and that I didn't eat for a while either. I ended up being 15 minutes late and so I had to take and facilitate the session in a different way than planned out by others and did it the way I wanted all along. It really came down to the manifesto and it was quite troubling and surprising for many and me myself to hear that not everyone may agree with the manifesto or that there were parts that people were arguing over and yet discussing human resources matters.

At the main room where we all sat, ate, met and chatted, we were also introduced to concepts and ideas that we may have never heard of. The UP project and the Australis project interested me in good and bad ways.

One thing that went bad is that I spilled hot chocolate on myself - yes, shame on me for not drinking coffee. My grey cloud summit shirt is now stained- boo! I can't wear it into public now but I guess I can wear it home at show pride while doing so.

Unfortunately, due to commitments to school, I left early Sunday. I was unable to attend the SUMO session which I really wanted to attend and I was unable to have the last dinner and rock it out with dancing at the end. I am glad that all Mozillians had fun and that all were having a blast.

Something that I would suggest is having a SUMO meetup as this is something that all SUMO contributors would benefit from as there are tensions between each other, disagreements and not liking each other. This would help us communicate with each other to make sure that we know of the road map that SUMO has and what the SUMO team is trying to accomplish for us, what they want to do for us and at the same time learn what would be helpful for us volunteers.

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