Have to? vs. Want to?

I'm sure that all of us know the different between a need and a want but do we know the difference between a have to and want to? It sounds basic and easy to comprehend but there's an analogy behind it.

With a want and a have to doing, there's a line that can't be crossed, you need to watch your step. I am a sumo contributor, it's not a necessity for me to contribute and neither is it for any of us to contribute if we don't have to because the opportunity to leave Mozilla to advance your life and career is available. I enjoy helping users, who come to sumo with an issue they have. Our users may overreact at times but most of the time, they may turn out to be friendly and nice people when we resolve their issue.

I want to... I need to... What do I want and what do I need? A want is something that I prefer to have, prefer to choose but a have is something that is a necessity, something that must be part of our daily life. There are times where you need to be lightened in order to know if what you are doing is necessary and if it's beneficial. An encounter I had with a school mate of mine had me thinking of wants and haves because of this argument I had with them. When requested to do something it's most of the time a want to complete as asked because we were just requested, we have the right to say no. Now let's think of it being something you had to do and you said no, would this not give a bad impression and leave a mark of yourself upon that requester? We need to think clearly before we react, we can always ask if something that they want us to do or if it's something we have to do. Have things cleared up for us makes assignments and other things easier to complete. We mustn't be so stubborn because being stubborn will not get us anywhere in life, we also need to remember to keep an open mind at all times.

Now, let's remember to keep an open mind and remember to think if something is a want to or if it's a have to!

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